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Get to the best solutions. Fast.

OpenSilo has re-imagined searching for knowledge to resolve issues. Stop sending Email blasts to random people attempting to find answers locked up in people’s inboxes. OpenSilo lets users create Beacons for issues, which provide users with a host of tools such as Group chat and File Sharing all in one place to specifically resolve issues.

Reveal the Right People.

Conventional knowledge bases cannot help if an answer does not currently exist. With OpenSilo, users are able to Route Issues to Experts so that you can collaborate with the best minds in your network to get the best solutions.

Automatic Updates.

Stop wasting time updating and managing stale information inside Confluence, Box, Google Drive. Beacons are automatically archived into the knowledge base once conversations surrounding the issue reach a conclusion. The Universal Search points users with the same issues to appropriate Beacons. With a push of a button, users can notify experts for updates or additional details, keeping the knowledge base aligned with the most current conversations.

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